The Ameen General Process

Ameen's Complete Project Workflow/Process

Below is the common process we undertake for all general projects, depending on the project scale and requisites things can change to optimize the overall process.

Step 1 - The Introduction

We will meet with you personally at your home to discuss your wants and needs with all design possibilities.

Step 2 - Architectural / Conceptual Design and Project Review

We will return to your home within a few days with a detailed itemized plan of action and initial design.

Step 3 - Get Things Kicked Off

With your full approval of the project, we will have a meeting at your home with our project design manager and others to further the design and thoroughly review and revise the project. We will also take site measurements for product selections.

Step 4 - Selection Of Products

The next step is to go shopping with our designer, who will help you choose your materials, for example tile, appliances, cabinetry, lighting, countertops, paint, flooring, etc. Once you have finally selected and approved these items, we will fully order everything and handle all deliveries and installation(s) etc.

Step 5 - Transformation

Once we get approved from your Building and/or The Montgomery / Philadelphia Building Department (when needed) and your products are standing by for delivery, we're ready to begin. Our Team will coordinate every aspect of the project, including tradesmen, material deliveries, and all of the other details.

Step 6 - Completion

Upon completion of the project, we will insure your complete satisfaction with our services, from top to bottom, and fully make sure you feel that all work is Outstanding.


Working Together

Completed Project